The DJ Project

The #DJproject – Digital Job Onboarding – directly addresses #digitaltransformation through development of #digitalreadiness, resilience and capacity, through operating at the intersection of digital divide and digital #labour market transformation and the needs of unemployed #youngpeople. Also, it overlaps with the vulnerable group of #NEETs (young people neither in employment nor in education and training) and other young people at risk of marginalisation.

DJ also addresses the priority #Environment and fight against climate change through a training programme for work-related sustainability innovation projects.

With the #COVID‐19 pandemic accelerating the digital transition, the digital skills gap became a key determinant in the employability of young people and their ability to seize the opportunities stemming from this transition. Targeted upskilling helps young people respond to the growing demand for digital skills and addresses the digital divide.” (EC 2020). DJ’s goal is to help young people who have been left behind during the pandemic to activate their career potential with a special focus on new forms of digital working – an important step to reduce youth unemployment rate, which is twice as high as the general unemployment rate in the EU.

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