Project Result 1

Do you remember our Projekt Result 1?

📊 Survey: Bridging Perspectives in the Job Market! 📊

We’ve wrapped up our survey on digital skills in May of 2022, and the results painted an intriguing picture of the job market landscape. Here’s what we’ve discovered:

🔍Participants: We heard from 233 unemployed individuals aged 18-25 and 252 employers across Austria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, and Italy.

🕒 Timing: March 1st – May 31st, 2022.

🔍 Research Questions:

– What digital skills are crucial from the employer’s perspective?

– How do unemployed youth perceive their digital skills in meeting job market demands?

📊 Key Findings:

– Organizational Perspective: Companies prioritize specific competency areas for their employees, with a strong emphasis on safe computer and internet usage, along with personal organization skills like work-life balance and time management.

– Unemployed Perspective: Unemployed individuals recognize the importance of further training in all competency areas, indicating a readiness to enhance their skill sets.

💡 Insights:

– While unemployed individuals show consistent interest in training across all competency areas, companies exhibit varying priorities.

– This comparison underscores the importance of aligning training initiatives with industry demands to bridge the gap between job seekers and employers.

👏 A huge THANK YOU to all participants for contributing to this valuable research! Stay tuned for deeper insights and actionable takeaways from our survey results! 💼💻#DigitalSkills#JobMarketInsights#SurveyResults#StayTuned#DJO#DigitalJobOnboarding#ProjectResult1