The wait is over! The “Digital Job Onboarding” project is ready to kick off in September 2023 its transformative training activities!

🎯 The DJO project aims to empower young NEET with essential digital skills and knowledge to boost their career prospects in today’s digital age! 🌐💡

🌟 What’s in store? ✅

Hands-on training in digital tools and technologies. ✅

Personalized mentoring and support throughout the program. ✅

Insightful workshops on navigating the digital job market. ✅

Networking opportunities. ✅ Participative process to create practical projects. ✅

An opportunity to take the career to new heights! ✅Training will be held in Italy, Austria,

Finland, Cyprus and Czechia.

Let’s break the barriers and embrace the digital future together! 🌈💪#digitaljobonboarding#digitalskills#CareerBoost#InclusiveOpportunities#empowerment

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